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Adoption information

Adopting a greyhound from Greyhound Haven generally costs $250 although in some cases, dogs may cost more or less than this. All prices will be noted on dog profiles and any dog priced differently will have a price summary on their profile to explain extra/lesser costs. 
When you adopt a dog from Greyhound Haven, you will receive:

  • Correctly fitting wire muzzle (nylon muzzles are available at extra cost)
  • Black Dog Wear martingale collar
  • Lead of appropriate length
  • Polarfleece coat
  • Desexing certificate and vaccination card
  • Medical records including date of last parasite prevention treatment
  • One worming treatment (treats all varieties present in Tasmania)
  • Behaviour documentation and assessments summaries
  • Any information available relating to the dog's racing history
  • Care information and equipment suppliers list

Adoption process

Apply to adopt-
Either fill in the email form above or contact us directly to discuss your needs. It is very important to fill in the form as completely and accurately as you can to enable us to help you select a dog most suited to your family.
Home check-
If we have a suitable dog available for you, the next step is to do a home check. Home checks generally take about an hour and during this time we will check suitability of fences and property, sight identification and any other documentation relating to the adoption (landlord permission, council permits, etc) and discuss care of the dog or any other issues with you. We will generally bring the suitable greyhound with us to allow your family a chance to meet the dog and ensure it gets along well with existing pets.
If your home check was satisfactory, we then complete and sign transfer papers. At this time, you will be required to pay for the dog. Once payment has been made, you will recieve an adoption contract, all other paperwork relating to your new pet, the dogs itself and the dog's equipment.
Road test-
The two weeks following adoption are considered the road test period. If during this time you have issues that cannot be resolved or the dog is for some other reason unsuitable for your situation, Greyhound Haven will accept the dog back and refund half of the adoption fee.

Rehoming guidelines

The obvious goal in any adoption is that the animal remains with its new family permanently and we believe there are a number of ways we can facilitate this, to the considerable benefit of both animal and owner.
Education and support play a vital role in ensuring good ongoing relationships between pet and owner but prior to this, careful matching of animal to situation is another factor.
Considering this, Greyhound Haven operates under the following guidelines for rehoming-

  • All dogs adopted out will undergo a trial period of two weeks with the potential family after adoption papers are signed. At any time during this two weeks, the dog may be returned to Greyhound Haven and half the adoption fee will be refunded.
  • Greyhounds that have been deemed unsuitable for homes with cats will not be rehomed to families who own cats. Accidents can and do happen and we consider this guideline to best for everyone concerned.
  • In council areas with limitations on dog ownership concerning number of dogs, a kennel license must be produced if the adopted animal would bring the total number of dogs on the property over the allowed limit (in most Tasmanian council areas, this limit is two dogs).
  • In council areas that restrict ownership of the breed, a current permit must be produced prior to adoption papers being signed.
  • Children and other pets will be taken into consideration when placing dogs. Not all dogs will be suitable for rehoming with children (especially small children).
  • We welcome adopters to specify temperament, gender, size, energy level or other behavioural factors when applying for a dog but Greyhound Haven will not rehome dogs based on colour. We firmly believe that colour is the least important variable and rehomings based on nothing but physical appearance are more likely to be unsuccessful (to the detriment of the dog).
  • We strongly encourage adopters to return dogs to us if the need for rehoming ever arises, regardless of the reason. This ensures behavioural issues can be addressed (if present) and the dog rehomed to a suitable family. This also ensures our records remain up-to-date in the case of the dog becoming lost or impounded.

To ensure new adopters recieve everything they need to properly care for their dog, all animals adopted out will be-

  • Desexed, C5 vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped. Where possible, any additional vet work required will have been completed (this may not always be possible in the case of long-term illnesses). All dogs will be adopted out with up-to-date medical records and any previous injuries or illness will be noted.
  • Supplied with a breed-appropriate collar, a wire muzzle of the correct size, a coat and a lead. In addition to this, adopters will be provided with a current list of equipment suppliers, in the event of loss or damage of supplied gear.
  • Provided with behavioural notes and copies or summaries of assessments carried out on the dog. This includes foster care notes, small dog testing results, cat testing results and assessment with children.
  • Provided with all necessary paperwork relating to the dog’s microchip and change of ownership. In addition to this, where available, information relating to the dog’s racing history.