Greyhound Haven Tasmania

Greyhound Rescue and Education

Why adopt a dog from Greyhound Haven?

We have years of experience in assessing and rehoming greyhounds as pets. This experience allows us to provide you with accurate information and sound advice regarding care of your greyhound.

Greyhound Haven stands behind every dog rehomed. If an adopter is not happy with their greyhound, we will always accept that dog back, regardless of reason.

Proper fostering-
All our greyhounds spend a minimum of eight weeks in our care to ensure each dog is thoroughly assessed, medically sound and suitable for adoption. This also allows us sufficient time to acclimatise the dog to regular household sounds and activities.

Behaviour assessment-
All of our dogs are carefully assessed for a number of behavioural issues as well as prey drive tested, tested for suitability with children and temperament tested. We provide adopters with copies or summaries of each of these assessments.

Fully vetted-
Every greyhound adopted out will be fully vaccinated, treated for any dental issues, desexed, treated for parasites (fleas, ticks, mites and worms), microchipped to ensure permanent identification and be assessed for any ongoing veterinary concerns to ensure new owners are not burdened with unexpected veterinary expenses. While a greyhound from us may cost you $250, the cost of getting a dog for free from somewhere else will almost certainly be far more once veterinary expenses are factored in.

Ongoing support-
We believe the best way to keep a pet in a home is to provide owners with continuing support and advice. We offer experienced support for the life of your greyhound, through either email or phone (or home visits, where possible).

Unlike some industry-run groups, Greyhound Haven will never disclose your personal details or details of your greyhound to racing authorities or anyone within the racing industry without your written permission. We believe that once a greyhound enters our care, no further industry involvement is appropriate unless the new owner wishes it. Greyhound Haven provides other means of identification (through microchipping) to allow a means of tracing the new owner in the event of the dog escaping, attacking another dog or impoundment.

Other benefits-
As an MDBA Rescue Member, when you adopt a greyhound from Greyhound Haven, you're entitled to a free 12 month MDBA Responsible Pet Owner membership. This membership provides you with access to the MDBA members area for pet owners. This membership is completely free for 12 months but you are required to agree to the MDBA Code of Conduct for pet owners. For more information on the MDBA Responsible Pet Owner memberships, visit their site here.