Greyhound Haven Tasmania

Greyhound Rescue and Education

Emergency surrender of injured greyhounds

Occasionally, a greyhound is injured while racing in such a way that recovery sufficient to allow future racing is highly unlikely and often, unfortunately, these greyhounds are usually euthanized immediately.
While we cannot help every greyhound surrendered to us, injured greyhounds generally recover enough to be suitable as pets (where far less stress is placed upon previous injuries) and we believe that to immediately euthanize injured dogs is a waste of lives that can be prevented.
Greyhound Haven is located approximately five minutes from the Mowbray (Launceston) track and is open until 11:30pm on Monday nights to accept injured dogs.

When surrendering a greyound to us, we do require a few things-
As much notice as possible, especially where the greyhound may need immediate veterinary assistance. A phone call or text message, detailing the following is sufficient: Registered name, gender, nature of injury, name of the person to be surrendering the animal.
Proof of ownership and the dog's identifcation (to ensure we do not accept dogs belonging to other people). This means we will need to sight either a driver's license, Keypass ID or a passport and the dog's registration certificate (to ensure we're accepting the correct dog).
A signed notice of surrender. Legally, this notice protects both us and the owner and allows us to microchip or change an existing microchip for the dog's new owner. Copies of the form are available from us, you do not need to supply these.
A muzzle. Because muzzles go with dogs as they are adopted, we often do not have a wide range of sizes so we appreciate it if dogs can be supplied with a muzzle that fits them correctly.
A surrender donation. Greyhound Haven is not funded by the racing industry and as such, operate on a very small budget, consisting mostly of funds provided by the current coordinator. Because of this, we ask that when you surrender a dog to us, you make a donation to help cover the costs of the dog. A donation of $150 is ideal (this is enough to cover the desexing of one male greyhound) and although it's only a small amount of what we spend on the dogs to prepare them for rehoming, it does make a difference (rehoming usually costs us upwards of $500 per dog for vet work [desex, C5 vaccs, microchip, any necessary dental], necessary gear, preparation of paperwork and feeding the dog while in our care). This amount is negotiable as we recognise that financial hardship may otherwise deter owners from surrendering rehomable dogs. If a financial donation is not possible, we are happy to accept donations of necessary gear (as much of the gear we purchase must go with the dogs as they're rehomed), fresh meat suitable for feeding or commercially produced dog foods (dry food only, however. We do not feed tinned food).