Greyhound Haven Tasmania

Greyhound Rescue and Education

Greyhound Haven policies

  • Greyhound Haven will take any greyhound surrendered (as we believe this is in the best interests of the dogs, in many cases), however, acceptance does not guarantee that the dog will be suitable for rehoming. 
  • To ensure the welfare of the dogs already in our care, Greyhound Haven does have limited spaces available and we will not accept additional dogs if we do not have the time, space or funds to correctly care for them.
  • Greyhound Haven will, in some cases, take on greyhounds that have been dumped in shelters or pounds. However, previous owners should be aware of how poorly this reflects on them and that such unethical means of ridding themselves of dogs may impact on their ability to rehome dogs with us in future (records are kept of all dogs brought in through pounds).

  • Dogs under 6 months of age will not be rehomed. Such dogs will be retained until old enough to undergo proper temperament/prey drive assessment.
  • Dogs over 12 years of age will generally not be rehomed. Such dogs will be accepted into the program but unless in very good health, will remain with Greyhound Haven until they pass away.
  • Greyhound Haven will never rehome dogs according to colour. With a vast majority of greyhounds being black, we feel that to allow adopters to select based on colour will unfairly exclude a large portion of potential dogs. A black greyhound is no different from a fawn or blue greyhound and many cannot find homes simply because of adopter colour bias. For more information on the difficulties of rehoming black animals, visit here or here.
  • Greyhounds that have failed cat testing will not be rehomed to families with cats, regardless of how the animals are to be housed. We feel the risks far outweigh the benefits.
  • All greyhounds will be desexed prior to rehoming. In the case of dogs too elderly to safely anesthetize, they will instead remain with Greyhound Haven until they pass away. 
  • Children and other pets will be carefully taken into account when reviewing applications to adopt. Unfortunately, some homes will not be suitable but, where possible, we will advise (in writing) which areas we found to be unsuitable and if the issues can be rectified, we are always happy to reassess. This includes home check issues such as fencing.
  • Where applicants are renting housing, we require that written permission to have a dog is produced for us to sight and potential owners have considered the difficulties of finding new rental accomodation with large dogs. Moving house is among the most common reasons dogs are surrendered to pounds and shelters.

  • Greyhound Haven reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual whose activities or beliefs run counter to the aims of our group. This includes individuals or groups who breed greyhounds (unless evidence can be provided that such breeding is done responsibly) or owners of racing greyhounds (unless willing to provide evidence of proper care and handling- something which may include inspection of dogs kept). With welfare being a focus of Greyhound Haven, such exclusions are necessary to both protect the group and the dogs concerned from unethical behaviour and to provide incentive for the better treatment of greyhounds.