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Due to ongoing funding issues, Greyhound Haven Tasmania will now only be taking in dogs on a very limited basis. While we would like to be able to take in larger numbers, the welfare of the dogs must be our first priority.
As of January 1, 2013, our adoption fee will increase to $250 to help us to recover some of the many costs associated with preparing the dogs for rehoming. 
The Greyhound Health and First Aid Guide is finally complete and we hope to have it available by January.
Site updates will be sporadic while we work on the Greyhound Health and First Aid Guide. We're hoping to have this completed by mid-February and available to download towards the end of February.
Certificate of Incorporation received.
Application for Incorporation was submitted, waiting on response.
The constitution for Greyhound Haven Tasmania has been written and will be available soon to view in our downloads area.
We've started writing up a constitution for Greyhound Haven as part of the process to become an incorporated association.
Incorporation is not compulsory but establishes Greyhound Haven as a legal entity, amongst other benefits.
Additionally, we're now looking for people willing to become part of our committee. Our membership requirements are fairly broad however we may refuse applications that we believe run counter to our aims or applications from individuals previously placed on the exclusion list of the Greyhound Adoption Program (TAS) Inc. under the management of Maddy Phillips (this serves to protect both our reputation and our group from activities that we believe are counter to ethical rescue and promotion of greyhound welfare).

Site updates

Site tidy, fixed broken links

Some articles merged to tidy up menus.
Formatting fixed.
Total site redesign, links and formatting may be broken.

As the site is being constantly updated and improved, links and pages may be moved or removed, causing occasional broken links or errors. If you find a link that doesn't work or any other error, please contact us.
Major site updates are listed below.

Added Google search box, various other minor updates.
Various minor updates and fixes. PetRescue links fixed to reflect new content. Fixed links page, removed duplicate. Updated site map.
Restructuring available dog listings, some links may be broken.
Repaired some images from the Greyhound Articles section that had mysteriously broken.
Added Testimonials page
Added Incorporation number to Home page
Site map updated
Added Available Dogs album to Photos submenu
Added Supporters album to Photos submenu
Added Dogs Needing Care page.
Added Supporters page.
Updated foster pack to include new forms.
Added Events page.
Updated some articles.
Updated form downloads to correct versions. Added surrender forms.
Added member area (requires password to access). Updated various other pages. Added member downloads section.
Upgraded site- Footer links removed, pages moved to main site, articles removed from blog (changed to pages), header changed to accomodate moved pages.
Added more photos to the Greyhound Gallery page.
Before Adopting completed and links added. Page is here.
Updated Sitemaps
Adopter site map removed
Added Welfare page here.
Tidied up some superfluous pages
Added Before Adopting page (incomplete, link will be added shortly)
Completed Foster carer page
Work started on foster carer site
Several broken links on the Links page have been repaired.
Greyhound Haven mobile site has been added to allow for easier browsing from mobile phones.
Content related links added to most of the main pages to (hopefully) make the site a little easier to navigate.
Responsible Pet Ownership Guide added to downloads page.
Greyhound Videos page added, featuring some of our past hounds (and soon to be updated with current available hounds). Link here.
Downloads page added. This page includes downloadable forms and guides. Link here.
Training and behaviour page finished
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Added Policies page.
Added Other services page.
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