Greyhound Haven Tasmania

Greyhound Rescue and Education

Helping Greyhound Haven

Volunteer your time..
Perhaps you could assist with transportation of dogs, fund raising efforts or public relations. You may have occupational skills that could assist the program such as grooming, training or other indirectly related skills.
The only requirement to volunteer is age (you must be 18 years of age) .

Make a donation..
Of money, equipment or goods for fundraisers to help offset the many expenses of operating Greyhound Haven.
Equipment such as collars (preferably martingale), leads, dog coats, greyhound muzzles and beds are always needed, as are parasite prevention products suitable for greyhounds (brands like Advocate), donations towards vet work or food. Even things that can’t be used for the greyhounds can still be used to raise additional funds and are very welcome.
To donate via PayPal, please click the button on the sidebar.

Foster a dog..
With reliable foster homes, we can increase the number of dogs rehomed, which in turn reduces the number of greyhounds destroyed every year.
Given the variety of temperaments and varying prey drive levels, a wider range of foster homes would allow us to safely assess and train dogs for the homes they are most suited for. These includes- homes with cats, homes with small dogs, homes with children (both smaller children and teenagers) and homes with older people.
Foster carers will receive all training required to ensure they are able to correctly care for foster dogs.
For more information, click here.

Sponsor a dog..
If you’re unable to help a greyhound with a forever home or don’t have the time to volunteer, sponsoring allows you to help individual dogs without the commitment involved in adopting or volunteering.
By sponsoring a dog, you’re helping offset some of the costs involved in preparing the animal for life as a pet. Sponsors will recieve photos, a certificate and regular updates of their sponsored dog until it leaves our care. Sponsor packs are available through our store.

Purchase something from our store..
We occasionally have inexpensive pet items or used items for sale through our store and the profits from all sales go back into helping us rehome greyhounds.
To view the store, click here or buy our merchandise here.

Purchase an adoption pack..
The adoption pack contains all the gear a greyhound will require to be rehomed- wire muzzle, martingale collar, lead and dog coat. Once purchased through our store, these items will then go to a Greyhound Haven foster greyhound of your choosing. Your purchase of an adoption pack will help reduce our costs and allow us to help more dogs.
Alternatively, if you've recently acquired a greyhound from another source and are in need of the necessary gear, for an additional $10, you can purchase an adoption pack for your own dog.

Sponsor Greyhound Haven..
Running a rescue often requires more than just dog products. Fencing supplies, cleaning products, boarding, towels, blankets and a wide variety of other goods are often needed to allow us to provide the dogs with the best care possible.
If your business or organisation could provide anything in either goods, services or financial assistance, please contact us here.

Help with home checks or transporting dogs..
Although Greyhound Haven is based in Launceston, we often get applications from other parts of Tasmania. Travel to the south of the state to pick up/drop off dogs or to do home checks can take up to six hours and so assistance from those living in other areas would be greatly appreciated. Basic home checks are fairly simple and generally take about an hour. Before a home check is completed, we will provide the volunteer with a list of things to check for to allow for easier completion of the home check.