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Fostering for Greyhound Haven

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Before our dogs can find new homes, they often need to learn how to live in a house and amongst other pets and family members, making foster caring a very important part of the rehoming process.
While in care, dogs will learn to understand house rules, learn appropriate toileting habits (although greyhounds are generally very clean dogs anyway) and learn to cope with the various sights and sounds of a home environment, many of which will be completely unfamiliar to dogs that've lived in kennels for most of their lives.
Fostering also allows those who cannot actually adopt a dog with a valuable way of assisting greyhound rescue, one that is both challenging and very rewarding.
All dogs are thoroughly assessed before entering foster care, including testing with small dogs. Additionally, all vet work will have been completed (desex, vaccination, microchipping and teeth) and the dog then quarantined for two weeks prior to going to a foster home to minimise disease risks to other pets in the foster carer's home.
We firmly believe that risk management is our responsibility and all dogs going to carers must be physically and temperamentally sound.

The length of time a dog stays in care depends on several factors but as a general rule, we prefer to keep dogs in a home for at least 4 weeks at a time, to minimise the stress caused by moving the dog about.
In our experience, the longer a dog stays in care, the more accurate our final assessments (which means we can match dogs more closely) and foster carers who are willing to care for dogs for longer periods (approximately four months) would be very welcome.
Greyhound Haven requires an absolute minimum of two months in care before a dog is rehomed. Our responsibility is not just to the dog and its new family but also rescue in general- an improperly assessed dog reflects poorly on rescue as a whole, making rehoming an even more difficult task.

Greyhound Haven provides the following for foster carers-
Nylon greyhound muzzle
Black Dog martingale collar
Monthly flea treatment (Advocate) and worming every third month
Food or reimbursement for (raw) food (depending on whether the carer is willing to raw feed)
Suitable bedding (we prefer to use blankets rather than dog beds as they're easier to keep clean and won't result in a mess if the greyhound decides to "play" with its bedding)
Crate (if required)
A soft toy for each individual (to provide them with an outlet for play and to help the dog learn to differentiate between toys and people things)

All Greyhound Haven foster carers will be provided with access to our private foster carers site which includes a carers forum, downloadable versions of all foster forms and extensive information on fostering.

Fostering requirements

Fostering requirements are pretty simple; a bit of time, a bit of patience and a safe environment for a dog to learn in- most homes are generally suitable for a greyhound. 
Experience with greyhounds is not necessary as we also provide foster carers with detailed information on not only the breed in general but also greyhound-specific care requirements, information on perfoming the assessments required during the fostering period and assistance with training the dog (being a hound, greyhounds can be tricky to train so we prefer to stick to the basics, generally just teaching the dog good manners).
All foster carer training will be conducted individually to ensure our carers are well-prepared for fostering.
We also offer training for grooming foster dogs (cutting nails and coat care) if required (all dogs will have nails clipped prior to going to foster care, however some may need the occasional trim if the dog stays more than four weeks).